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Shamaya Tantra - Tantra Workshops in Toronto and Edmonton tantric sex toronto
Tantra Courses About Dee TESTIMONIALS Contact Welcome About Dee. ABOUT me. For over a decade I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world find bliss through relaxation, mindfulness, and sensuality. I’m a best-selling author (‘Ganja Yoga Book,’) and an internationally-known yoga teacher. My clients know me for being playful and accepting; deeply-spiritual while solidly down to

THE BEST 10 Sex Therapists in Toronto, ON - Last Updated
Lucy Becker was voted #1 Tantra Teacher in Toronto by NOW Magazine and blogTO. She is the founder of Tantra Workshops and has been teaching tantra (sacred sexuality and couple intimacy workshops) around the world for more than 25 years.

Tantra Lessons in Toronto, ON | Tantra Essential Elements tantric sex toronto
Lucy Becker was voted #1 Tantra Teacher in Toronto by NOW Magazine and blogTO. She is the founder of Tantra Workshops and has been teaching tantra (sacred sexuality and couple intimacy workshops) around the world for more than 25 years. Lucy has been teaching tantra in Canada and the US since 1996 at the University of Toronto Women’s Centre, University of Toronto Sex

Tantra Lessons in Toronto, ON | Tantra Essential Elements +1 …
There are many books on Tantra and sacred sex but little information on sacred sex practices for women. Diane had researched and pieced together information on Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar and Shakti, all goddesses of love, sensuality, creative energy and grace. I learned secrets and practices of the erotic goddess that very few women know anything about. Yab-Yum, a common Tantric

Masterclass - Tantra, Communication & Intimacy - Toronto - …
Clarity teaches Tantric Yoga in Toronto to attune to Mother Earth and the energy Shakti Kundalini used for Spiritual Awakening. Her circles and many events have helped hundreds of women to feel empowered on their journey and to find a deeper connection with themselves, with others and with the Spirit. Clarity is currently completing a degree in Spiritual Psychotherapy …

About Dee — Dee Dussault
AERIEL COLLEEN - Sacred Sexual Healer, Tantra Coach, Founder of Toronto Tantra and The Alchemy of Love Training Program Aeriel Colleen is a leading Sacred Sex Educator and Tantric Intimacy Coach who has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 9 years helping them to reach new heights of bliss and live more soulful, empowered lives.

Tantra Goddess Sessions For Men - Meet a Goddess
I love how Kahuna, Tantra and Ayurveda Massage Bodyworks and their philosophy stir up and facilitate deep cleansing of old belief systems that block various aspects of people’s lives and can remove the veil of 3rd dimensional reality. This has for me and for a number of my clients created an experience of profound strengthening of personal empowerment, brought about clarity, and helped to

Aeriel Colleen - Toronto Tantra
I traveled to the Rio Caliente Resort outside of Guadalajara Mexico to study Tantric Sex. It was quite an adventure! Watch the video to learn the difference between…

Tantra for Men - Divine Tantric Touch
By talking to sex experts at Come As You Are, a sex store in Toronto (, and reading books about sex, disability and Tantra (see “Bedtime Reads,” below), I learned how a person with a disability can enhance a relationship with positive energy and good communication and by committing time and love to a relationship. LESSONS IN LOVE I also learned that Tantra

Tantric sex - Wikipedia
In addition to the above-listed features in the Tantric Training for Couples, the 2-hour Tantra For Gay Couples session teaches specific techniques and information for same-sex tantra. Learning how to work with a blend of male energy or energy is uniquely different than heterosexual tantric practice. You will learn:

Tantric Sex on Vimeo
Tantric sex is strongly associated with the practice of semen retention, as sexual fluids are considered an energetical substance that must be reserved. However, while there is already a mention of ascetics practicing it in the 4th century CE Mahabharata, those techniques were rare until late Buddhist Tantra.

TORONTO Tantra Workshops: #1 Rated For Men, Women & Couples
Claire ~ Sex Coach, Tantra Energy Healer. Toronto, Canada and International The Tantric Priestess ~ Online Intimacy Coach & Erotic Embodiment Guide. Austin, Texas Olivia ~ Healer and Coach. London, England Tantrism Sexualitatis ~ Tantric Healer. Redondo Beach, California Lia Light ~ Tantric Guide . Tampa Bay Area, Florida Rebekah ~ Sex and Sensuality Coach, …

Tantra Sessions | Midnight Moon
Tantra-based Coaching For singles and couples. Tantra is a path of self exploration. Heidi offers coaching programs for individuals and couples, grounded in Tantric principles. If youre feeling stuck in yourself or your relationship, or want to explore how Tantra can be a portal to your true self or a better sex life, working with Heidi might

TORONTO Tantra Workshops: #1 Rated For Men, Women & …
Tantra Essential Elements offers Tantra Lessons located in Toronto, ON also specializing in Tantra Goddess, Tantra For The Gods, Bath Ceremony, & more. Call +1 (416) 556-2647 today!

The Embodied Goddess Tantric Retreat
Tantra is an eastern word for sexual energetic power. This power has been oppressed and shamed for fear of its greatness. Sexual energy is your birthright. It is the most powerful energy in existence and the same power that created you. You are sexual energy! Lack of sexual energy is the culprit to illness and disease both physically and mentally. Time to reclaim that power for …

Meet Svitlana Oreshkina - Certified Massage Therapist Toronto tantric sex toronto
After a Tantra massage, many women and men report experiencing a true happiness of the soul and the opening and blossoming of their feminine/masculine spirit, which betters their sex lives exponentially. Male ejaculation is not linked to orgasm, but to the elimination of semen (or energy, the seed of life). The orgasm happens moments before. When the man does not ejaculate, he …

The Global Directory of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Professionals - Directory of Tantra, Sensual Touch & Sex …
As Canada’s original temple for sexuality exploration, Tantra Essential Elements’ mission is to dispel sexual shame through education. “Tantra is a meditation, yoga and lifestyle designed to awaken our highest energy, our sexual energy,” says Dakini. “I built this practice based solely on my belief in this system and this lifestyle.”

Tantric Sex: 26 Tips on How to Practice, Positions to Try tantric sex toronto
Power of Sex & Moon Cycles Adventurous Play and Bondassage Warmly welcoming and inclusive to all. See Masterclass and Event listing below. February- Live On-Line. Feb 02: Tantra Talk & Social *Sangha FREE; Feb 09: Compassionate Communication FOUNDATION & Practice Skills; Feb 16: Kinkalicious: COUPLES Relating & Communication Learning Event; Feb 23: Tantra

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